Our Mission

Founded in 1985 by Blake White as an outlet for his private consulting, academic research and publications, the Strategic Technology Institute (STI) has evolved, since 2010, into a boutique network of independent consultants that provides executive-level management advisory services focused on corporate strategies, facilitated by technology innovation and global change; and it is a non-partisan virtual ‘think tank’ that investigates the public policy issues raised by science and engineering.

Aligning technology roadmaps to corporate strategy, STI has the following lines of business:

  • Advisory Services

  • Technology Policy Assessments

  • IP Development & Licensing

  • Program Management

Research, advocacy, and client engagements have included:

  • Technology strategy & roadmaps
  • Digital transformation
  • Artificial intelligence opportunities and risks
  • GDPR information privacy
  • Intellectual property rights management
  • Digital content security
  • Technical literacy
  • Space industrialization
  • Energy alternatives
  • Social implications of new technologies
  • History of science and technology
  • Digital divide
  • Organizational social distance
  • Engineering ethics frameworks

Clients have included a Fortune 50 consumer products company, a Big 4 firm, and a major global motion picture studio and TV network, plus pro bono work for the non-profit sector.

The general methodology used by STI is outlined in The Technology Assessment Process: A Strategic Framework for Managing Innovation by Blake L. White, published by Quorum Books, a division of Greenwood Press, 1988.




Blake White, Founder
Strategic Technology Institute

Mobile: +1-415-519-5584
Email: blake@strategic-tech.org
Twitter: @BlakeLWhite1
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/blakelwhite
ID vendors website: theidmarket.com 

The Strategic Technology Institute is licensed in the State of California by the City of Oakland as a Professional Services company under permit number 2249782.